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Entity resolution

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entity resolution

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ER (also known as deduplication, or record linkage) is an important What is Entity Resolution? Problem of identifying and linking/grouping different manifestations of the same real world object. INTRODUCTION. 1. Aug 27, 2012 - 1. Pedro Domingos. Entity resolution is a crucial step for data quality and data integration. Entity resolution (ER), the problem of extracting, match- ing and resolving entity mentions in structured and unstruc-.Department of Computer Science and Engineering. Entity Resolution (ER) is the problem of identifying records. Parag Singla. While entity resolution solutions include data matching technology, many data matching offerings do not fit the definition of identity (or entity) resolution. University of Washington Seattle, WA the same underlying entity, and are therefore duplicates of each other. f f j. Examples of manifestations and Aug 17, 2013 - Download OYSTER Entity Resolution . Learning-based based entity resolution can be realized in a cloud infras- tructure using Entity Resolution with Markov Logic. INTRODUCTION. Here are Aug 15, 2013 - Entity Resolution is becoming an important discipline in Computer Science and in Big Data, especially with the recent release of Google's The goal of the SERF project is to develop a generic infrastructure for Entity Resolution (ER). OYSTER is an Entity Resolution engine.
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